Justin Kuang

Image of Justin Kuang

Hi! I'm currently an undergrad studying Computer Science (specializing in Game Theory) at Cornell University. I'm fascinated by mathematical models for decision-making, especially in how Computer Science can be used to translate said models into more complex systems for finance, artificial intelligence and other applications of deep learning. Right now, I'm exploring this field as a member of Cornell Data Science (check out the "projects" section on my resume!) and as an analyst for Cornell Strategic Consulting, in which my subteam is currently doing research and analytics for an early stage tech startup.

This past summer (2017), I worked as a SWE Intern at Sabre Corporation, North America's largest Global Distribution Systems provider for airline bookings. I was also selected for and attended the one-week-long Capital One Software Engineering Summit.

Outside of computer science, you can probably find me converting my friends to use military time, repping my home state of Maryland or playing competitive badminton.

Feel free to connect via LinkedIn or my email, or check out my Github to see what I've been working on! I'm interested in internship opportunities in SWE, data science, or business for summer or fall 2018.